First Aid

Survive WSGD™ First Aid, Emergency Prep, and Personal Safety

Survive WSGD offers First Aid training with Adam Growe, a Certified Canadian Red Cross Instructor and a professional comedian, which is why his courses and workshops are informative and entertaining! Only ONLINE WORKSHOPS are being offered until further notice.

LIMITED TIME: Online Workshops are focussed on first aid strategies when “sheltering at home”, for the period of time during “Physical Distancing”.

It’s everyday citizens who are often on the front lines in a crisis situation at the office, at home, on the street, or in other public spaces. Adam will improve your First Aid skills and knowledge, making you more confident and prepared to respond and survive when sh*t goes down!


Adam’s courses are a unique opportunity to get crucial lifesaving skills, even if you’re not required to do so for work, or volunteer positions.

First Aid/Survival Workshops

Based on real-life scenarios, these are fun, informative and ideal for bringing friends, family, colleagues, or neighbours together (virtually via Zoom) to learn and practice.